Five Web Design Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

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If you produce various web design errors, you might not have the capacity to find a great deal of traffic. With regards to your website, impressive graphics and compelling text will probably not do the trick. Therefore, if you want to avoid these problems, we recommend avoiding some common web design mistakes that will harm your search engine optimization efforts. Here are the web design mistakes to avoid you should aware;
poor navigation

Indigent Navigation

Some websites are poorly designed that they don’t even let a new visitor know it. Visitors to your website should be able to figure out what your site is about at first glance. Also, Google’s web crawlers should be able to understand your website. To do this, you should only link to important pages. Therefore, it would be best to improve the navigation of your website. It allows users to feel more convenient when accessing the web.

Slower Page Loading

In the land of the World Wide Web, things move at high speed. People browse many websites when they are online. They look at social networks, send emails, and exchange messages on many internet platforms. Their traffic stays on your website and returns when the web pages load at the exact moment they click on the hyperlink. According to professionals, the loading time of a web page should be three moments.

Non-Mobile-Friendly Website

non-mobile-friendly webThe vast majority of them surf the Internet through their mobile devices. Statistics state that 70% of online traffic in the United States comes from smartphones. This issue could make users feel uncomfortable when accessing the website. Therefore, every website should be mobile-friendly, which means the website should be responsive and easy to navigate on smartphones.

Missing H1 Tag

Search engine crawlers believe in the H1 tag to know what your website is about. If this tag is missing, your website’s ranking in major search engines will drop. Besides that, this tag makes your internet content much more search engine friendly. This way could affect the audience’s interests. Therefore, it would be beneficial to ensure the H1 tag frequently.

High Multimedia and Image Files

Adding multimedia and graphic files to your website is an excellent idea because they make your articles more attractive and easier to understand. While you can add images to your website articles, make sure you do it sensibly. The size of these media files and graphics must be right. Important image files take a lot of time. Therefore, this issue could bother web users.